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PostSubject: REFEREE   Sat Sep 22, 2007 3:53 am

Is it me or is the standard of refereeing gone tits up this season now i work pretty much every saterday so dont tend to get to watch football till match of the day later on that night (god i love motd) Now i was watching everton play on ch5 last night against that foreign team that i cant even remember the name of and thought at the end of the match thats another game lost (or should i say not won) because of the referee .Its not just everton though ive seen it on lots of ocasions so far this season were referees have not just got it wrong on small minor fouls but got it absolutly unbelievably wrong on game losing or winning fouls now ppl might think its sour grapes were everton are concerned but is it me or are the referees realy bad Suspect
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Sunday League
Sunday League

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PostSubject: Re: REFEREE   Sat Sep 22, 2007 1:16 pm

I agree that refereeing seems to be getting worse and in todays game it has bigger consequences!

I suppose the fact theres so many cameras and replays in the games now means any little mistake the referee makes will be noticed and highlighted even more!
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